Problems with street intersections when geocoding with Avenue

Solution or Workaround

Errors occur with street intersections when geocoding with Avenue.


Ensure that when setting up the initial geocoding objects, 'Allow Intersections' on both the MatchKey and MatchCase objects just after creating them. Also, use the 'us_addr.stn' standardization rules when making the MatchKey, but then use the 'us_intsc.stn' standardization rules when using AllowIntersections on that new MatchKey object. In addition, make sure that the intersection delimiter noted in the third line below is the same as what the event addresses are using. It is possible to change this line or change the data to make them the same.

aMatchSource = theMatchTheme.GetMatchSource
aMatchKey = MatchKey.Make("us_addr.stn")
aMatchKey.AllowIntersections("us_intsc.stn"," & ")
aMatchCase = MatchCase.Make(aMatchSource, aMatchKey)
aMatchCase.AllowIntersections(aMatchSource, aMatchKey)
aMatchPref = MatchPref.Make


Intersection geocoding using Avenue is only possible with version 2.0d or higher.

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