Problem with legend display when two VALUEMAPRENDERERs with same value but different lookupfield are used

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In an Image Service, only one legend entry shows on a Legend Image in an HTML Viewer if the EXACT 'value' attributes for two VALUEMAPRENDERERs are the same, but the VALUEMAPRENDERER 'lookupfield' is different.<GROUPRENDERER>
<EXACT value="30" label="1990 Population">
<EXACT value="30" label="State FIPS">


This is a problem when there are two VALUEMAPRENDERERs inside a GROUPRENDERER. In this scenario, the VALUMAPRENDERERs have a different lookup table but the value for EXACT is the same. The ArcIMS Spatial Server keeps track of only the first EXACT value even though there are two VALUEMAPRENDERERs. This leads to one, instead of two entries in the legend.

Solution or Workaround

This issue is known limit with ArcIMS. To ensure all features listed in the various VALUEMAPRENDERERs show in the legend, the EXACT values must be different.

<EXACT value="30" label="1990 Population">

<EXACT value="31" label="State FIPS">

If the values must be the same, two layers will need to be added to the map configuration file with separate VALUEMAPRENDERERs.

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