Prints from ArcView are clipping


When printing from ArcView 3 the margins clip on the print even though everything on the screen falls inside the margins.


All printing devices have what is called a hard margin, which is different for each device. The device cannot print beyond this margin for a given paper size.

Solution or Workaround

Margins smaller than the hard margin can be set on the driver for the printer.

  • On a PC, the printer driver typically will base its margins according to the hard margin size of the device. However, it is possible that the margins are set smaller. Check the printer driver to ensure that the margins are set to the appropriate size.
  • On UNIX, the margins are set to a generic value of .25 inches on all sides. These values must be changed to be the same as the hard margins for your device. See the printer's owner's manual for these settings.

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