OLE DB point features in an ArcMap Image service are not highlighted when selected


Point data can be displayed in ArcMap using the 'Tools > Add XY Data...' menu item. This opens the 'Add XY Data' dialog in which a table can be referenced containing, among other attributes, columns for X and Y coordinate values, for example, latitude and longitude.

Supported table sources include DBF files, tables within an MS-Access database, and RDBMS tables managed by ArcSDE.

Tables stored in a non-ArcSDE database can also be referenced by making an OLE DB connection to the database. This is accomplished in ArcMap and ArcCatalog by using the 'Add OLE DB Connection' menu item. This opens the 'Data Link Properties' dialog in which the required connection parameters are entered.

Upon adding the data, setting its symbology and labels, and so forth, and saving the MXD, serve these point features using ArcMap Image Server in ArcIMS.

However, in the ArcIMS client application, for example, an ArcIMS Web site, it may be that these points are not highlighted when selected by a query. This situation is likely if the source data is obtained through an OLE DB connection.


ArcMap and the ArcMap Image server are unable to select XY point features unless the OLE DB source table contains an OBJECTID field set as the primary key.

Solution or Workaround

Use the database management application, for example, Oracle Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Enterprise Manager, and add an OBJECTID field, if it doesn't already exist. This field can be of type 'Int' set at 4 bytes, NOT NULL.

Set this field to be the Primary Key of the table.

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