No output grid is created or the profile identification is not recognized when importing SDTS Raster Profile data set:

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When trying to convert SDTS raster data with the profile 'SRPE: SDTS Raster Profile and Extensions,' no output grid is created.The ArcInfo Workstation SDTSIMPORT command returns a message stating "Unsupported SDTS profile" will be produced.If you use the 'SDTS Raster to Grid' tool in ArcToolbox or ArcView 3.x, no warning message will be produced, but no output grid will be created either.


USGS has made changes to their previous profile identifier for SDTS rasters: 'SRPE: Raster Profile and Extensions.'

This was a non-compliant profile identifier, the correct string is 'SRPE: SDTS Raster Profile and Extensions.'

When reading the profile identifier, during data conversion, the new profile name is not recognized; thus, the conversion is not performed.

Solution or Workaround

This issue has been addressed in ArcView 3.3 and ArcGIS Version 8.1.2.

Article ID:000004350

  • ArcMap 8 x
  • Legacy Products

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