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Many applications and web maps have location buttons, such as My Location, Locate Me, and so forth, meant to prompt the map or app to apply your location to either a zoom or a widget in an application. On some browsers these buttons may produce unexpected results. Nothing may happen, or pressing the button may throw an error message.


Control over the use of your location is a functionality that is controlled by the browser more than the web map or application. Browser developers have been implementing increasingly stringent security precautions to safeguard privacy.

  • Chrome: Versions 50 and up require any location requests to occur over an HTTPS link or secure connection to proceed.
  • Safari: Version 10.0 and above will require geolocation functionality over HTTPS only.
  • Internet Explorer: Version 11 still allows geolocation over HTTP.
  • Edge: Edge does not work with geolocation except over HTTPS.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 50.1.0 still allows geolocation over HTTP.

Solution or Workaround

Check the URL of the page being accessed in the browser. If it begins with HTTP, change the URL to HTTPS.
Keep in mind that mixed content issues may also occur. An application may be accessed over HTTPS, but if, for example, a logo is hosted at or was added as an HTTP URL, it is necessary to re-host the logo with an HTTPS URL, or else the browser may catch the insecure image and assume that the site is not secure and block geolocation services. Often developer tools in browsers or a debugging tool such as Fiddler can be used to diagnose these issues.

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