Map is clipped or cropped when printing directly from ARCINFO


When trying print or plot a map created in ARCINFO, it is clipped or cropped.


The map is wider than the target printer can print.

Solution or Workaround

Use the ARC PLIST command to obtain an accurate size of the metafile.

  • If the map will fit by simply rotating then use the ARC command ROTATEPLOT and process the rotated map.
  • If the map will too large even if rotated, use ArcPress's PANEL option to panel the map into portions small enough to be plotted without clipping.
  • If ArcPress is not available, then use the ARCPLOT command PLOTPANEL for the same purpose.

    Additionally, COLORHCBS, HPGL2, VCGL, and VCGL2 commands can specify a xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax to cut a portion of the file for plotting. These coordinates can be used as a 'cookie-cutter"' to plot a file in pieces.

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