Maintaining the address file after coverage features are updated

Solution or Workaround


Updating the the .ADD file when a feature is added to a coverage.


The .ADD file is not automatically updated. If a feature (i.e. an arc) is added to the coverage, appropriate steps must be taken to update the .ADD. If there are few features (under 25) in the entire coverage, the easiest way to update the .ADD is to manually add the individual records with the appropriate information. If a substantial amount of changes (adds, deletes, etc.) have been made, the easiest way to update the .ADD is to create a separate match coverage and use the ARC APPEND command to combine it with the original match coverage.

For further information regarding this procedure, see the on-line documentation under the "Creating and Maintaining Address Coverages" section of ADDRESS GEOCODING.

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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