Licenses not available when printing by way of a parallel cable


The ESRI or ArcGIS License Manager service fails and/or license becomes unavailable when printing via a parallel cable.


There are two possible causes to this problem:

· The parallel port has both a Sentinel hardware key for the ESRI or ArcGIS License Manager as well as a parallel cable for printing.

· The Sentinel System Driver parallel hardware setting may be set to use the parallel port even though the a USB hardware key is being used for the ESRI or ArcGIS License manager.

Solution or Workaround

  • If the printer is connected directly to the printer via a parallel cable, it is recommended that the ESRI License Manager be used with a USB hardware key instead of a parallel hardware key. The communication that happens during printing may interrupt the license manager service if a printer parallel cable is plugged into a license manager hardware key.

    Contact an ESRI Customer Service representative and request to exchange the parallel hardware key for a USB key. See the link in the Related Information below for information on how to contact ESRI Customer Service.
  • If a USB hardware key is already being used for the ESRI License Manager Service, check the Sentinel Driver settings as the parallel port settings may be set incorrectly.
    1. Open the SetupSysDriver.exe. If Sentinel driver is version 5.41 or 5.42, this file will reside in:
    C:\Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\Sentinel System Driver

    If the Sentinel driver is version 7.x+, this file will reside in:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Safenet Sentinel\System Driver

    2. In the Sentinel System Driver dialog box, click the Configure Driver button.

    3. In the Sentinel Driver dialog box, select the line that has a Port Type 'ECP' and then click the Edit Button.

    4. In the Configure Port dialog box, make sure that the 'No' radio button is selected 'Use this port?'. Click OK and close the Sentinel System Driver.

    [O-image] Sentinel System Driver settings for USB key

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