Importing an Oracle export file with an ST_Geometry attribute encounters the Oracle error IMP-00060


When importing an Oracle export file containing a table with an ST_Geometry attribute, the command fails with the Oracle error IMP-00060.

The following example demonstrates using the Oracle Import utility to import an Oracle export file named buildings.dmp. The dumpfile contains one table named buildings, which contains the attribute ST_Geometry and a st_spatial_index index on the ST_Geometry attribute.

C:\expdir> imp tb/tb file=buildings.dmp full=y

The import fails and reports the following error message:

". importing VMMS's objects into TB
. importing VMMS's objects into TB
IMP-00060: Warning: Skipping table "TB"."BUILDINGS" because object type "SDE"."ST_GEOMETRY" does not exist or has different identifier.
Import terminated successfully with warnings."


There is a type object identifier mismatch for the sde.st_geometry object exported from the origin database and the sde.st_geometry type object identifier in the destination import database.

When exporting a table from one Oracle database to a second Oracle database and the table contains a user-defined type for an attribute, for example, ST_Geometry, the type's object identifier value in the origin and destination databases must have the same value. If the object identifier values are not identical, Oracle considers the objects different and cannot import the table.

Solution or Workaround

The target Oracle instance, where the import is being performed, must have the exact SDE schema as the Oracle instance, where the data was exported. This can be accomplished by exporting the SDE user from the source database and importing the schema into the target database.

If this cannot be accomplished, most likely because the target database already has an SDE schema with existing registered tables and layers, then the Oracle export file cannot be imported.

The issue has been addressed in ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6 under the following NIM number and description: NIM035228 - Spatial Type for Oracle: When creating the ST_Geometry type and subtypes, the Oracle OID property must be set. See knowledge base article 34984 for a suggested workaround. There is a link to knowledge base article 34984 in Related Information.

    Article ID:000010431

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