Images from Flickr are not displaying in ArcGIS Online


Images from Flickr do not appear in the item pop-up window, map note, or Esri Story Maps in ArcGIS Online.

An example of an image that does not appear in a map note.


The embedded link or the URL from the Flickr website is used instead of the image URL.

  • Embedded link:

    Embedded link.
  • URL from the Flickr website:

    Link to the Flickr page

Solution or Workaround

The following workflow shows how to add images from Flickr to ArcGIS Online by copying and pasting the image URL.

  1. On the Flickr Profile page, click the desired image.
  2. Click the Share Photo button located at the bottom-right of the image.

    The Share button.
    Ensure the Viewing privacy of the image is 'Public'. Navigate to Additional info > Viewing privacy and select Public.
    This is the Viewing privacy setting.
  3. Copy the image URL.
    • Option A: Copy from the Embed tab.

      Click the Embed tab. In the HTML code box, copy only the image URL instead of the whole URL. The image URL starts with 'https://' and ends with the extension of the image file format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, or .tif). In the screenshot below, the image URL is:

      The selected URL from the Embed tab.
    • Option B: Copy from the BBCode tab.

      Click the BBCode tab. From the HTML code box, copy the image URL. To learn more, read Flickr: Share or embed Flickr photos or albums.
  4. Paste the image URL into the designated field in ArcGIS Online.
    • ​In the item pop-up window or map note in web map

      Paste the image URL into the Image URL and Image Link URL fields, and save the changes. For more information, refer to Add Flickr photos to ArcGIS Online web maps or Crafting custom attribute displays in pop-ups. The following is an image that appears in a map note in ArcGIS Online web map using the image URL.

      An example of an image in a map note.
    • In Esri Story Maps

      Paste the image URL in the Picture, Thumbnail, Change Media, or any other related field, and save the changes.

      An example of inserting an image in Esri Story Map.

      The following is an image that appears in Esri Story Maps using the image URL.

      An example of an image inserted in Esri Story Maps.
      Alternatively, in Esri Story Maps, import images directly from the Flickr account. Select the Image option or Add your image or video button. This opens another window displaying the selection of sources. Click the Flickr button, confirm the selection, type in the Flickr account user name, select the desired album, and select the image to upload.
      Directly import images from the Flickr account.

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