Hyperlinks cannot be set to work using joined fields


Field-based hyperlinks do not work when based on fields from a joined table.


The Hyperlink tool does not recognize joined fields as a source for hyperlinks.

Solution or Workaround

Three options for solving this problem are:

Option 1

1. Add a new Text field to the feature table.

2. Use the Field Calculator to calculate the new field so that it is equivalent to the field from the joined table.

3. Set up field-based hyperlinks based on the new field.

Option 2

1. Export the layer as new data.
[O-Image] Exporting data

The exported data contains all joined fields.

2. Set up field-based hyperlinks for the new layer.

Option 3 - The following option is specific to ArcGIS 9.x and later versions.

1. Store the hyperlink references as complete URLs or paths to documents in the field in the join table.

2. Click on the features in the map with the Identify tool.

3. In the Identify Results window, click on the URL or path in the field. This launches the hyperlink.

There are some advantages to using the third option: This tool is independent of the Hyperlink tool, so the field does not need to be specified in the join table as being the hyperlink field. Any number of fields containing complete URLs or paths in the join table can be used, and URLs and document paths can be mixed in the same field. These links are conveniently portable: they are available by way of the Identify window for the layer(s) this table is joined to in any ArcGIS application, without having to set any layer or document properties.

The disadvantage to using the third option is that the Identify tool does not support partial URLs or paths and does not support the hyperlink base property.

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