How are hyperlinks different in Mozilla and Netscape web browsers versus Internet Explorer?


Redirection URL requests with trailing parameters fail in some Mozilla and Netscape browsers. Using the Hyperlink tool in an ArcIMS HTML Viewer may fail to load the associated URL.

For example, this hyperlink may fail to load:


Some versions of Mozilla and Netscape browsers perform the parsing of trailing parameters differently.

Solution or Workaround

Enable only the hyperlinks by way of the Select or Identify tool, since this will cause the user to have to click on the hyperlink directly. This allows the associated URL to launch correctly in Mozilla and Netscape Web browsers.

In ArcIMSparams.js set
var useHyperLink=false;

This disables the Hyperlink tool and the corresponding button in the HTML Viewer.

If an Identify or Select command is performed on the layer, the hyperlink can be selected from the results window.

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