Graticule and Measured Grid extension: graticule is grayed-out.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


When attempting to add a graticule to the Layout viewframe, the graticule check box is unavailable.


Use of the Graticule and Measured Grid extension to produce a grid for an unprojected viewframe containing Projected data causes the 'Create Graticule' option to be unavailable.


The 'Create Graticule' option becomes available when the extension is refreshed. Reselect the view frame from the drop-down menu in the Graticule and Grid Wizard Dialog. This will force the update to run, and the proper options will become available.

Another way to refresh the extension is to turn it off and on again in the list of extensions. The OK button must be pressed to actually turn it off.
Both Graticules and Measured Grids can be created for use with decimal degree data in either a Projected or Unprojected View.

For Projected data (Unprojected View), only the Measured Grids can be created.

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