Geodatabases created in version 9.4/10 Beta 1 or 2 do not open in version 10 final release

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Geodatabases created in ArcGIS version 9.4/10 Beta 1 or 2 do not open in version 10 final release.


The geodatabase format was changed between 9.4 Beta 2 and 10 pre-release and then again between 10 pre-release and 10 final, so that geodatabases that were not upgraded at 10 pre-release are not supported in 10 final.

The Esri Beta Program sent out an email to all beta sites explaining that the geodatabase format was changing and directed customers to upgrade their geodatabases in ArcGIS 10 pre-release before installing version 10 final.

Solution or Workaround

Open the properties of the geodatabase(s) in 10 pre-release and click 'Upgrade Geodatabase'.

This may require the customer to re-install 10 pre-release. For customers who installed a single-use version, the single-use keycode they received during the beta period should continue to work until the end of 2010. For customers who installed a concurrent-use version, their version 10 license managers should support version 10 pre-release.

If the customer no longer has version 10 pre-release to install, there is unfortunately no way to recover those version 9.4 beta 1 and 2 geodatabases.

As a reminder, customers who joined the beta program were recommended to not use 10 beta/pre-release in their production environments.

Contact your group lead or management team if you or the customer have further questions or concerns regarding this policy.

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