Flex Builder reports a problem about awx:Map


When using ArcWeb Explorer Flex API, Flex Builder reports the following problem:

"Could not resolve <awx:Map> to a component implementation".


Flex Builder cannot find the ArcWeb Explorer SWC file (where awx:Map is defined).

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the following solutions:

Put the SWC file in the root folder of the application (the MXML file being worked on) as instructed in Getting started with ArcWeb Explorer Flex API, step 4.


Specify the library path in Flex Builder. To do this:
a. Right-click the project.
b. Select Properties.
c. Select Flex Build Path on the left side.
d. Select the Library Path tab.
e. Add a specific SWC using the Add SWC button, or use the Add SWC Folder option to add all SWC files in a specific folder.
f. Set the output folder URL. This must be an HTTP path to your Web server.

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