Features are extruded beyond the actual extrusion height in ArcScene


2D features can be extruded into 3D objects of different heights in ArcScene using feature attributes as the extrusion height. When extruding a layer, the features are sometimes extruded too high; disregarding the actual extrusion heights.


A possible cause for this issue is that the extruded layer is in a geographic coordinate system that measures in decimal degrees. ArcScene cannot extrude a layer measured in decimal degrees.

Solution or Workaround

To solve this issue, project the layer into a projected coordinate system. This converts the layer measurement unit to meters or feet. Use the projected layer to get the correct extrusion.

  1. In ArcToolbox, navigate to Data Management Tools > Projections and Transformations > Project.
  2. In the Project dialog box, under Input Dataset or Feature Class, select the layer to project.
  3. Under Output Dataset or Feature Class, set a name and location for the output.
  4. Under Output Coordinate System, select the desired projected coordinate system.
    Image of the Project dialog box.
  5. Click OK. The projected layer is located in the folder specified in Step 3. Extrude this layer to get the correct height for the extruded features.
The image below shows a layer extruded in a projected coordinate system.
Image of the extruded layer.

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