Exporting SDC files to PDF format produces unexpected results


Exporting Streetmap Data 2012 .sdc files to PDF format at ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 produces loss of data and disjointed lines.


The SDC (smart data compression) format is used for provisioning of large datasets and rapid display. The compression must be released before the streetmap .sdc data can export properly.

Solution or Workaround

The data cannot be exported directly from the .sdc format in ArcMap. Exporting/copying the data from the smart data compression format into a file geodatabase un-compresses the data. The SDC data can also be clipped and exported to shapefile format.

  1. Create an empty file geodatabase on a drive of choice. Right-click the folder of choice in ArcCatalog and click New > File Geodatabase.
  2. Navigate to the StreetMap Premium SDC dataset. Right-click the dataset, and click Export: To Geodatabase (Single).
  3. Add the data to ArcMap and navigate to File > Export Map. Specify PDF as the export format.

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