ERR0406: Cannot create map service using *ImageDirectory with ArcIMS on Windows 2003

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In some cases, creating an image map service that possesses a layer referencing a *ImageDirectory gives the following error in Administrator:"[ERR0406] Error when trying to administer Service.
Service {service name} cannot be created."This error occurs on Windows 2003, where IIS 6.0 is being used as the Web server for ArcIMS.


The default timeout parameter for IIS is set too low. By default the timeout is set to 120 seconds. To find what the time out value is set to, open Internet Services Manager; expand the tree view on the right panel so that 'Default Website' can be seen. Right-click on 'Default Website' and select Properties. The initial tab should display the timeout value.

Solution or Workaround

Increase the timeout value. For example: 300 seconds.

Alternatively, reference the raster imagery using an Image Catalog (.dbf) in the map configuration file. Implementation steps on how to accomplish this are located in the Related Information section below. There is also a link to an ArcScipt that creates an image catalog file (.dbf) in ArcMap, if a large number of images are involved.

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