Edits to hyperlink paths are not saved


Editing the dynamic hyperlinks in ArcMap's Dynamic Hyperlinks Dialog has no effect.


This is a known issue.

Solution or Workaround

To make a change to an existing hyperlink from the Dynamic Hyperlinks dialog, remove the link and then add the edited link.

  1. Select and click the link to make the text editable.
    [O-Image] Manage Hyperlinks dialog
  2. Use Ctrl-C to copy the text from the link.
  3. Click the Remove button to remove the link.
  4. Click the Add new button to create a new link. Use Crtl-V to paste text into the link.
  5. Make any needed edits to the link text and click OK.

    For more information on how to create hyperlinks in ArcMap, please refer to the ArcGIS Desktop Help.

Article ID:000002853

  • ArcMap 8 x
  • ArcMap 9 x

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