Dynamic tables in ArcMap only show the first 50 rows


A dynamic table is a graphic table element that allows users to create data-driven tables in a map layout. It is also known as an interactive table that can update the attribute information dynamically as users pan and zoom or navigate through the map.

When creating a dynamic table in ArcMap only the first 50 rows are shown, even after shrinking or stretching the table boundaries.


This is expected behavior. The dynamic table only shows 50 entries by default to ensure optimal performance.

Solution or Workaround

To show more than 50 items in the dynamic table, increase the maximum number of data items. This can be done either when creating the dynamic table using the New Table Wizard, or in the Table Properties dialog box after the dynamic table is created.

Modify using the New Table Wizard
For more information on how to create a dynamic table using the wizard in ArcMap, refer to: Creating an item to row table.
  1. On the last dialog box of the New Table Wizard, the Defining filters dialog, before clicking Finish, click Data Items.

    Image showing Data Items circled in the bottom right of the dynamic table wizard.
  2. On the top right of the Data Items dialog, increase the value for Maximum number of data items, and click OK.

    Image showing 50 circled in the top right of the data items window.

Modify using the Table Properties dialog box
  1. Right-click the dynamic table in the map layout, and select Properties.
  2. Click the Data Source tab, and click the Data Items button.
  3. In the top right of the Data Items dialog, increase the value for Maximum number of data items.

    Screen capture of data source and data items circled in the dynamic table properties window.
Entering -1 includes all rows. However, loading all rows may slow down the loading time.
Image showing replacing 50 with -1 in the top right of the data items window.

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