Data does not appear in Java Viewer Web site running on Windows 2003

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When attempting to view ArcIMS Java Viewer Web sites that are being served by the IIS 6.0 Web server on Windows 2003, the Web site loads but the data fails to appear. The framework and buttons show, but a blank map is displayed.When attempting to view a Java Standard Web site, Internet Explorer signals 'Applet Started' but the data never appears.
[O-Image] Applet Started - Java Standard Viewer
When attempting to view a Java Custom Web site, Internet Explorer signals 'Applet Started' with the 'Error on Page' icon. If the 'Error on Page' icon is clicked, Internet Explorer displays the following error.
[O-Image] Java Viewer - Error on Page


The IIS 6.0 Web Server will only serve files with registered file extensions. When a Java Viewer template Web site is loaded, IIS begins to serve a series of files and begins to process default.axl. This file is not recognized by IIS 6.0. By default, the request for this file is denied because of security concerns and the Web site fails to load completely.

Solution or Workaround

Include the .axl file extension as a registered Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension type (MIME) in IIS 6.0.

  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager. Right-click on <MACHINE_NAME>, which is the local computer, and click Properties.
  2. Click MIME Types and click New.
  3. For Extension, type: 'axl'; quotes not included.

    For MIME Type, type: 'ArcIMS Java Viewer default.axl'; quotes not included.
  4. Click Apply, OK.
  5. Restart IIS.

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