Creating an ArcMap Image service returns an error


While creating an ArcMap Image service, the following error may occur:

"Error when trying to administer Service."

The ImageServerArcMap log file, if set to verbose logging may include the following:

ADD_SERVICE: ss_test
error = 0x80030002, file = G:\SourceCode\Server_Components\ArcMapServer\Src\AMService.cpp, line = 212, compiled = Tue Mar 5 09:32:35 2002
Service ss_test can not be created.
Total Request Time : 1.000000s
End Request


The server output property is invalid. For example, when creating the map service, if the correct path is C:\ArcIMS\Output, but an incorrect path is used, such as "C:\Output", the error will occur.

Solution or Workaround

When completing the ArcIMS Administrator form to create a new service select the "Server Output" tab. Insure that the "Directory Location" is correct.

This setting is used by the Spatial Server and so must be correct for all machines running the ArcIMS Spatial Server. This may be a UNC path such as \\<ServerName>\<Share>\ArcIMS\Output

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