Classification in the HTML Viewer Thematic Map sample does not work for point or line layers

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The HTML Viewer Thematic Map sample that is installed with ArcIMS works fine when configured with sample data and services. However, when using the sample with any other service, the layer classification doesn't work for point or line layers.

See page # 33 of "Customizing HTML Viewer" document available at ArcIMS Installation Directory/Documentation folder for more descriptions on HTML Viewer samples.


In the sample code, the classification layer type is hardcoded as polygon and is not updated for the type of active layer. If the classification layer is other than polygon, ArcIMS incorrectly attempts to render the layer with a polygon symbol.

Solution or Workaround

Open the aimsClassRender.js file from <DRIVE>/ArcIMS/Website/htmlviewer/javascript folder in a text editor and search for the following line:

function setRenderString() {

Update the value for "ClassRenderShape" variable in the function as follows:

function setRenderString() {
* next line is added to make classification work with point and line layers
ClassRenderShape = LayerType[ActiveLayerIndex];

var rendString = '<VALUEMAPRENDERER lookupfield="' + ClassRenderLayerField + '">\n';

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