Cannot view an ArcIMS Image Service in ArcMap


An ArcIMS Image Service cannot be viewed in ArcMap.


The map units are not set correctly in the map configuration file (*.axl).

Solution or Workaround

The map units need to be set in ArcIMS Author.

  1. Determine the map units of the data. This could involve going back to the source information for the data. Another possibility is to view the data with other data of known map units or read the metadata.
  2. Open the map configuration file (.axl) in ArcIMS Author.
  3. Click View Menu > Scale Bar Properties > Map Units and set the units to Decimal Degrees, Feet, or Meters. Save changes to the .axl file.
  4. Refresh the Image Service using ArcIMS Administrator. Now you will be able to preview the service in ArcCatalog.

Article ID:000005652

  • ArcMap 8 x
  • ArcMap 9 x
  • Legacy Products

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