Cannot display Digital Charts of the World coverages in ArcCatalog


ArcCatalog does not display Digital Charts of the World (DCW) coverages.


DCW coverage data is stored in a pre-7.0 coverage format. ArcGIS Desktop does not support pre-7.0 coverages.

Solution or Workaround

Convert the DCW coverage data to a 7.0 coverage format, which is supported by ArcGIS Desktop. ArcInfo Workstation or ArcView GIS can be used to perform the conversion.

  • In ArcInfo Workstation, use the CONVERTWORKSPACE command, which allows a pre-7.0 workspace to be converted to a 7.0 workspace and converts the coverages it contains to the new format.
    CONVERTWORKSPACE <PRE-7.0 | NEW> {workspace}


    < PRE-7.0 | NEW> - specifies the output file naming convention.

    PRE-7.0 - converts to the pre-Version 7 workspace file name format.

    NEW - converts to the new Version 7 workspace file name format.

    {workspace} - specifies the workspace to be converted. The default is the current directory.
  • In ArcView GIS 3.x, display the coverage features, click Theme > Convert to Shapefile to convert each coverage feature class into a shapefile. The output shapefile can be used in ArcGIS Desktop.

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