Cannot create services when using a custom raster format


** This issue has been resolved in ArcGIS 9.0. **

When using custom rasters the file Rasterformats.cfg file is not updated automatically.


This is a known limit in ArcIMS 4.0.1.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Stop ArcIMS Services
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ESRI\Raster\devices\ntx86\Rasterformats.cfg
  3. Add the 10 lines below to the RasterFormats.cfg file. There should be a set of these lines for each supported raster format. This example is for the My Format sample.

    “My Format” : “rasterformats” ;
    “My Format”.instance : “$IMAGINE_HOME/usr/lib/$ARCHM/RasterFormats/mft.dll” ;
    “My Format”.template : “*.mft” ;
    “My Format”.ispseudo : “false” ;
    “My Format”.shortname : “ mft” ;
    “My Format ”.extension : “.mft” ;
    “My Format ”.isdir : “file” ;
    “My Format ”.userfile : “user” ;
    “My Format ”.iscreatable : “false” ;
    “My Format ”.magic : “” ;

    � The keyword rasterformats allows the entry to be recognized as a proper entry.
    � The instance points to the location of the format DLL. It is best to use the environment settings in the current example.
    � The template is a regular expression that should match any raster dataset of this format.
    � The ispsuedo determines if this format is uniquely identified by its extension or not. This should be false, or errors may occur.
    � The shortname is used to maintain information about the format in the registry.
    � The extension is the template without the *. Isdir specifies if the format is file based ('file'), such as TIFF or JPEG, or directory based ('dir'), such as GRID.
    � Userfile determines if files of this type should be shown to the user, which they should in almost all cases, and iscreatable specifies if new datasets of this format can be created using the format DLL.
    � Magic identifies a unique 'Magic number' that is used to identify a file as a particular raster format based on the first set of characters in the file. See the documentation for the InstanceMagicListGet function definition for the correct format of this string.
  4. Save the changes to Rasterformats.cfg
  5. Start ArcIMS Services

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