BSQ, BIL or BIP image generated from GRIDIMAGE does not display like the original grid stack in ArcMap


The GRIDIMAGE Workstation command produces a BSQ, BIL or BIP raster from a multiband RGB grid stack, but the raster displays in black and white, or otherwise does not match the appearance of the original stack.


The default enhancement that is applied to rasters may cause this problem if the stack is essentially a 'thematic unique value multiband' (the color components of each zone are recorded separately in the respective bands). When there are only a few zones in the stack, the enhancement produces the undesirable results.

Solution or Workaround

There are several possible workarounds:

  • Delete the .stx file. The image will now come into ArcMap unstretched and will appear as the original stack.
  • After you load it in to ArcMap as a layer, set the Raster Properties > Symbology > Stretch to None.
  • Convert the dataset to a single-band image.

Article ID:000003673

  • ArcMap 8 x

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