Auto-Complete Polygon Tool does not work the same in version 8.3 as it did in 8.2


The Auto-Complete Polygon Tool will not perform the same functions in ArcGIS 8.3 as it did in version 8.2. For example, creating polygons inside existing polygons was easily done using this tool in version 8.2, but this task cannot be completed using version 8.3.


The Auto-Complete Polygon Tool performed a number of different operations depending on the data. For example, it planarized overlapping polygons, exploded multi-part polygons, and cut existing polygons. It also performed its original intended role of creating new polygons from existing boundaries. Attempts were made to correct this logic at 8.3, but some features were removed

Solution or Workaround

Developer samples available at ArcObjects Online will perform some of the same functionality that was previously available with the Auto-complete Polygon edit task. Cut polygon features in the target feature class is such a function; perform a keyword search for "Cut Polygon without Selection Task" at ArcObjects Online. See Related Information.

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