Attribute domains are lost when a feature class is pasted into a file geodatabase


When a feature class from a geodatabase stored in Oracle, DB2, or Informix is copied and pasted into a file geodatabase, attribute domains present on the original feature class are copied to the file geodatabase; however, the domains are not assigned to the correct columns in the copied feature class.


This is a known issue that has been fixed in ArcGIS and ArcSDE 9.2 Service Pack 5 (SP5).

Solution or Workaround

Download and install ArcGIS and ArcSDE 9.2 SP5.

If ArcGIS and ArcSDE 9.2 SP5 or a higher release is not installed, to manually work around the issue, reassign the domains to their appropriate fields after pasting the feature class into the file geodatabase.

  1. Identify which fields in the original feature class had attribute domains by checking the Field Properties in the Feature Class Properties dialog. Take note of which domains were assigned to which fields.
  2. Open the Feature Class Properties dialog box of the feature class in the file geodatabase and click the Fields tab.
  3. From the fields list, select a field that requires the domain to be reassigned and select the domain from the drop-down list in the Field Properties dialog box.

    Repeat for any additional fields that need attribute domains.

Article ID:000009062

  • ArcMap 9 x
  • Legacy Products

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