ArcObjects SDK Visual C++ for 10.5 contains some invalid CATIDs


Version 10.5 of the ArcObjects SDK Visual C++ for Windows (which is a subset of the ArcObjects SDK for .NET 10.5) contains outdated category unique IDs (CATIDs).


The ArcCATIDs.h file, which is installed at <SDK Install location>\DeveloperKit\include\CatIDs, contains outdated items.

  • The entries below are missing from ArcCATIDS.h, which are new in version 10.5 of the software.
struct __declspec(uuid("{FFA83930-CB72-4C7E-ACD6-4B0CCAA06586}")) CATID_TilePackageLayerAnalyzers;
struct __declspec(uuid("{BF447F8C-9F0D-48DE-90F5-AC2191B921E4}")) CATID_TilePackageMapAnalyzers;
struct __declspec(uuid("{7479DC37-304A-4078-A72F-D5C89B85822A}")) CATID_RuntimeSupportedAnalysisTools;
  • The entries below have been removed in version 10.5 of the software, but are still present in ArcCATIDS.h. 
struct __declspec(uuid("{7A5F28EE-D9BA-467D-8B82-34FC8008F826}")) CATID_RuntimeSupported3DTools;
struct __declspec(uuid("{AE2DFB1C-BB14-4852-8CE5-3930E530EABA}")) CATID_RuntimeSupportedNetworkAnalystTools;
struct __declspec(uuid("{668A8D25-AF4A-468F-9750-ADFB75783AB9}")) CATID_RuntimeSupportedSpatialAnalystTools;

Solution or Workaround

Manually edit the ArcCATIDS.h file to add and remove the above entries, or download the correct file from this location.

Copy the downloaded file to <SDK Install location>\DeveloperKit\include\CatIDs and overwrite the existing ArcCATIDS.h file.

The updated ArcCATIDS.h file is shipped with version 10.5.1 of the product.

Article ID:000014860

  • AO SDK Cross Platform C 10 x
  • AO SDK Microsoft NET Framework 10 x

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