ArcIMS Spatial Server experiences a core dump


The ArcIMS Spatial Server experiences a core dump.


A core dump occurs when a program attempts to do something that UNIX does not allow, which leads to an abnormal termination of the program. There are many things that can cause a core dump; two common causes are:

· The program attempted an illegal instruction.

· The program attempted to access a resource that was not available.

Solution or Workaround

With ArcIMS, this problem occurs most frequently when memory, swap space, or disk space is not available for the spatial server. It is also possible that an unusual request or unusual data could cause such a problem.

  • If the problem is re-occurring or periodic in nature, then most likely it is a resource issue. As ArcIMS runs:

    - Moinitor the disk space of the partitions being used. This includes the ArcIMS install directory and the /tmp partition.

    - Monitor memory usage as well. ArcIMS runs to see if available memory diminishes.

    It may be necessary to purchase additional hardware or restart the ArcIMS processes periodically.
  • If the problem occurs only once or the timing between core dumps is very erratic, then the problem may be related to an unusual combination of data or requests.

    In these cases, turn on Spatial Server debug logging and identify the last request sent to the spatial server. Reproduce the core dump with these steps:

    1. After turning on the logs, look through the logs the next time the problem occurs.

    2. Identify the ArcXML requests that occurred right before the core dump.

    3. See if the same ArcXML request can again cause a core dump.

    If you can reproduce the core dump with data and a request, try the most recent version of ArcIMS to see if this problem has been fixed. If the problem exists in the most recent version of ArcIMS, contact ESRI Technical Support.

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