ArcGIS Globe Control wobbles while panning using the Pan Tool


Using the Pan Tool (ControlsGlobePanTool) on the GlobeControl causes the globe to shake while panning. This can be reproduced when using the template GlobeControl application provided with the ArcObjects .NET SDK.


A known issue causes the IGlobeControl.Navigate property to be true by default. The Pan Tool fires mouse events which both the Navigate functionality and the Pan functionality are handling. The event handling code for both Navigate and Pan interact with the globe camera, causing the display to wobble.

Solution or Workaround

To pan smoothly either:

1. Set the IGlobeControl.Navigate property to false when the Globe document loads. This prevents the left mouse button from being used to pan and the right mouse button from being used to zoom. To pan smoothly, use the Pan Tool.


2. Leave the IGlobeControl.Navigate property set to true. To pan smoothly, use the left mouse button or the Pan to Target Tool.

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