PROBLEM Web maps opened in ArcGIS Desktop 10 sometimes contain two layers called Base Layer.


When Web maps are opened in ArcGIS Desktop 10, two layers called ‘Base Layer’ may be listed. One of the layers is a reference overlay that should be drawn on top of the other base layer in the map. In some cases, the two base layers may draw in the incorrect order.


Some basemap layers available through include a reference overlay. One example of such a basemap is ‘Imagery with Labels’, in which case the labels are a reference overlay on the imagery service.
In some cases, the imagery layer may be drawn over the labels reference overlay when this basemap is consumed in ArcGIS Desktop. This is a known issue with ArcGIS Desktop 10.

Solution or Workaround

Expand the base layers to identify which layer should be drawn below the other, and adjust the order in the table of contents as needed.

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