ANNOTATION or TEXT does not look the same on the print

Solution or Workaround

Text or annotation does not look the same on the print as it does in display within ARCEDIT and ARCPLOT.


You are using a hardware dependent font equal to 0.


A default font of 0 (zero) is a hardware font. If this is being used, it means that the font will be hardware device dependent.

Avoid using font 0 by:
- Using a startup file to set the TEXTSET to FONT.TXT and the ANNOSYMBOL (in ARCEDIT) or TEXTSYMBOL (in ARCPLOT) to 1.

- Before creating annotation or text always know what TEXTSET and TEXTSYMBOL you are using.

- Changing the $SYMBOL of the annotation can resolve this situation but in some cases does not give desired results. It is better to create the annotation correctly the first time.

- Read the notes in the ARCEDIT ANNOSYMBOL or ARCPLOT ANNOCOVERAGE commands.
- PLOTTER.TXT symbols 1 to 20 use font 0.
- To get a simple sans serif font from a pen plotter, use TEXTSYMBOL 111 in CARTO.TXT.

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