ANNOTATION or TEXT does not look the same on the print

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

Text or annotation does not look the same on the print as it does in display within ARCEDIT and ARCPLOT.


You are using a hardware dependent font equal to 0.


A default font of 0 (zero) is a hardware font. If this is being used, it means that the font will be hardware device dependent.

Avoid using font 0 by:
- Using a startup file to set the TEXTSET to FONT.TXT and the ANNOSYMBOL (in ARCEDIT) or TEXTSYMBOL (in ARCPLOT) to 1.

- Before creating annotation or text always know what TEXTSET and TEXTSYMBOL you are using.

- Changing the $SYMBOL of the annotation can resolve this situation but in some cases does not give desired results. It is better to create the annotation correctly the first time.

- Read the notes in the ARCEDIT ANNOSYMBOL or ARCPLOT ANNOCOVERAGE commands.
- PLOTTER.TXT symbols 1 to 20 use font 0.
- To get a simple sans serif font from a pen plotter, use TEXTSYMBOL 111 in CARTO.TXT.

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