An AML saved from a tool will not execute on a Geoprocessing Server


After you "Save as AML", running the AML on the Geoprocessing Server is unsuccessful when using the ArcInfo Workstation command line or the ArcToolbox 'Run Geoprocessing AML' tool.


AMLs saved from tools and wizards will not run in Workstation ArcInfo if the AML name contains a non-English character because the browsers within ArcToolbox use ANSI codepages to save filenames, whereas running these AMLs from ArcInfo Workstation utilizes the console/DOS (OEM) codepage.

Asian languages (besides Indonesian, which uses ANSI 1252 and OEM 437) will not have this problem (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai all use the same codepage for both ANSI/Windows and OEM/DOS).

Solution or Workaround

Do not use Internationalization (I18N) characters in the names of your output AMLs.

Article ID:000003146

  • ArcMap 8 x

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