After publishing metadata created with the ISO editor, the metadata is not included


After editing metadata using the ISO editor and then publishing it to an ArcIMS Metadata Service, information provided does is not recognized. For example, the title of the document that appears when browsing the Metadata Service is not the same as the title that appears when looking at the complete metadata document. Or, the document is categorized using a different content type than the one specified when using the ISO editor.


When metadata is published to an ArcIMS Metadata Service, the title, publisher, content type, content theme, and extent are required. ArcIMS looks for this information first in the appropriate FGDC elements and then in the appropriate ISO elements. Similarly, when searching and displaying information, Metadata Explorer first looks in the appropriate FGDC element and then looks in the appropriate ISO element.

By default, all metadata synchronizers provided with ArcCatalog are turned on. Therefore, even though the metadata has been edited using the ISO editor, there can be default values present in FGDC metadata elements unless the FGDC and Geography Network synchronizers have explicitly been turned off. Because the FGDC elements are given precedence in the ArcIMS Metadata Service, some of the default values added automatically to FGDC elements may be used in place of the information specified when using the ISO editor.

Solution or Workaround

In ArcCatalog, modify the metadata document so that it contains only ISO metadata elements, then republish the document.
<a href='' target='_blank'>How To: Create an ISO-only metadata document</a>

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