After building a geometric network, some of the junctions are not connected to complex edges at mid-span


You've decided to snap a junction feature class to a complex edge feature class during the building of your network; thus, you select, in the snapping window, the junction feature class for snapping. Once the network is built, some of the junctions are snapped to the complex edges but not connected.

Only those junctions that are not coincident with a vertex of the complex edge are not connected.


Since the complex edge feature was not selected for snapping, vertices were not added to edges where a junction was snapped. While the junction may be coincident with the edge segment, it will not be connected to the edge.

Solution or Workaround

There are three possible solutions. The size of your network, accuracy of complex edges, and number of coincident but unconnected junctions will dictate which solution is appropriate.

  • In the Snapping window, in the Build Geometric Network wizard, select the complex edge feature class for snapping as well as the junction feature class. By selecting the complex edge feature class you're allowing its features to be moved during the snapping process. If you don't want the features in the complex edge feature class to be moved, use one of the other solutions.

  • This solution uses the Connect command, which may take a long time to complete. If you have a large number of junctions to connect (more than a few hundred), you may want to use one of the other solutions.

    1. Once the network is built, add it to ArcMap.
    2. Add the Connect command to ArcMap.
    3. Use the 'Select by Location' option to select the junctions that have been snapped along the complex edges but not connected.
    4. With the resulting selection set, click the Connect command. This will connect each junction in the selection to a coincident edge.

    The resulting selection set may contain junctions that are connected to complex edges, which you may remove from the selection set. Leaving the junctions in the selection will increase the time it takes to complete the Connect command.

  • After building the network, drop it and rebuild it. The first build will snap the junctions to the complex edges. The second build will establish connectivity between the edges and junctions.

    During the second build, again select your feature class to act as complex edges. In the Snapping window, select the complex edge feature class to snap and leave the snapping tolerance at the default. During snapping, vertices will be inserted in the complex edges where a coincident junction is located.

    If building your network takes a long time, and if the number of affected junctions is small, you should use the second solution.

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