Adding a DGN produces a Segmentation Violation


The first attempt to add a DGN file as a theme returns a Segmentation Violation, but the second attempt works without an error.


The DGN file contains tag elements that don't have a value type defined.

Use Microstation 95 to define a value type for the tag, as instructed below.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Click Tags under the Element menu, then Define.
  2. On the Tag Set dialog box, select a tag under the Tags list and click the Edit button.
  3. If the Type drop down list is blank, specify either Character, Integer, or Real.
  4. Repeat steps one to three for each tag and save the file.

    The ArcView Help, under the 'CAD Drawings and ArcView feature classes,' states that tag elements are not supported.

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