A table window with empty rows appears when opening a table from a layer or table based on a query


A feature layer or table can successfully be generated based on a query for an OLE DB connection. However, only blank rows appear when opening the table window.


Some OLE DB providers require qualification to be consistent in a query. If the query is fully qualified in one area, it must be fully qualified in all other areas. For example, the following statement fully qualifies in the where clause and when indicating the key column, but not the select clause:

Select field1
from table1
where table1.field1 > 1
Primary Key = table1.field1

The statement above will work properly for some providers, but not for others.

Solution or Workaround

Be consistent with qualification throughout the query. If the query performs a join, fully qualify table and column names.

If a * is used in the select clause, the fields are interpreted as fully qualified if the query performs a join. Otherwise, they are interpreted as unqualified.

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