A color is missing from GIF icon when displayed on a map

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A custom GIF icon uploaded to the Points of Interest (POI) Manager Web Service displays properly when previewed but a color is missing when it is displayed on a map created by the Map Image Web Service.


This occurs when the icon's transparent color (RGB value) is identical to a color used in the icon. The color is displayed as transparent, causing it to disappear.

Solution or Workaround

Change the transparency to a color not used elsewhere in the image. The exact procedure depends on the image editing software. Below are step-by-step descriptions for changing the transparency color for GIF images.

Applications not included in the list below may require different steps.

Microsoft Paint 5.1 that is included with Microsoft XP does not support changing transparency. A different application than MS Paint 5.1 will be needed to fix your image color.

Paint Shop Pro 6 or 9

1. Open the image.
2. Press Shift-Ctrl-V, or from the menu bar select Colors > Set Palette Transparency.
3. Select 'Set the transparent color to palette entry'.
4. Select a color palette entry that is not a color you want to display.
5. Save the image.

Adobe Photoshop 6

1. Open the image.
2. On the menu bar, select Help > Export Transparent Image...
3. In the dialog box, select 'My image is on a transparent background'. Click Next.
4. Select 'Online'. Click Next.
5. Select 'GIF'. Click Next.
6. Click Next again.
7. Click OK.
8. Specify the filename to Save As. Click Save.
9. For GIF options, select Normal. Click OK.
10. Click Finish.

Adobe ImageReady 3.0

1. Open the image.
2. On the menu bar select File > Save Optimized As.
3. Specify the filename to Save Optimized As.
4. Click Save.

giftrans on UNIX or giftrans.exe on Windows

1. giftrans -t #ffffff original.gif > evenbetter.gif
2. Set transparency color to white


1. giftrans -T original.gif > evenbetter.gif
2. Set transparency color to the background color.

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