Posting a version results in data loss

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Posting a version to the DEFAULT version when a user has no privileges on a class registered with move edits to base, results in the edits not being moved to the base table (data loss) for that class.

Data loss can be encountered in the class that is registered as versioned with the option to move edits to base. All three of the following conditions must be true to encounter data loss:

· Classes registered as versioned with the option to move edits to base.
· Editors that modify these classes in a child version.
· A user, other than the owner of the registered class, without SELECT privileges on these classes reconcile and post the child version to the DEFAULT version.


Internally, ArcGIS does not detect classes that have been modified for which the user performing the post has no privileges.


Select an option below:

  1. Change the organizations workflow and only allow the owner of the modified class to perform the reconcile and post.
  2. Do not use the option move edits to base.

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