Pop-ups do not fully display when clicking features in a Web AppBuilder application

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When displaying a pop-up for a feature in a Web AppBuilder application, only the title is displayed and the pop-up does not show the attribute details or other elements that have been configured. This issue applies to Web AppBuilder applications when viewed on a monitor with a screen resolution set to a low mode, when viewed as embedded in a website, or when viewed in a mobile mode.



This is a behavior that is 'as designed' for mobile devices. However, it can cause some unexpected behavior with other views. The December 2014 update to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS included enhancements for using this application on mobile devices. This update introduced a new feature to help with viewing pop-ups and their included elements properly within the allowed space. This mobile view becomes automatically applied with low screen resolutions or when the application is viewed in a window with small dimensions.

When pop-ups display in this view, the title is seen with an arrow on the right side.


Clicking the arrow displays the full pop-up with all of the expected elements. To return to the map view, click the 'X' in the upper left corner of the full pop-up.

Further details of the December 2014 update can be found here: ArcGIS Online: What's new.

Solution or Workaround

The following solutions can be used to help avoid this issue:

  • Set the screen resolution to a higher mode for pixel height and width.
The screen resolution necessary depends on the capabilities of the monitor and varies for each user.
  • If the screen resolution settings cannot be changed, use the browser zoom settings to decrease the zoom level below 100% until the pop-up fully displays.
  • With Web AppBuilder applications that have been embedded, increase the size of the embedded map. To do this, refer to the following ArcGIS Online help page: Embed maps and groups

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