Pools of session-based log file tables in SQL Server are not being used if the geodatabase is in the DBO schema

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If the default log file configuration of a DBO-schema geodatabase in SQL Server is modified to use pools of session-based log files, the pool of log file tables are not used, and new session-based log files are created in the individual user's schema.


This is a known issue in 9.3.


This issue was fixed in ArcSDE 9.3.1. Either upgrade the geodatabase or use the default session-based log file configuration. The settings for this are as follows:

  • In SDE_dbtune, SESSION_TEMP_TABLE under the LOGFILE_DEFAULTS keyword is set to 0.
  • The SDE_server_config parameter ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE is set to TRUE.
  • The SDE_server_config parameter LOGFILEPOOLSIZE is set to 0.

Article ID:000010180

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