Pictures taken in ArcPad with the Windows Mobile Camera on Trimble Juno devices appear solid green.

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When the Windows Mobile Camera is used within ArcPad on Trimble Juno devices the picture may appear as a solid green image.


This issue occurs when the ArcPad Camera is used to take a picture before the Windows Mobile Camera is used.


The following workaround has been found to generate appropriate pictures when utilizing the Windows Mobile Camera with a Trimble Juno. After completing the steps below users will be able to choose between the ArcPad Camera and the Windows Mobile Camera without issue.

  1. Reset the Trimble Juno device to factory default settings.

    If the handheld is reset to factory default settings, all data, installed applications, and settings stored in the handheld are erased, except for any data or applications that were pre-installed on the handheld or are stored on a microSD memory card. Be sure to backup any data that needs to be preserved and verify that the installation media for any installed programs which were not pre-installed on the device are available.

    It would also be beneficial to record your ArcPad registration number from the "About ArcPad" menu as this number is needed to register ArcPad after the device has been reset to factory settings.
    [O-Image] About

    Juno Series Handhelds: Resetting

  2. Install ArcPad on the Juno using the ArcPad Deployment Manager.
  3. Start ArcPad > Create a new QuickProject (using default settings) > Uncheck the box next to 'Start using GPS' > Click OK.
  4. The ArcPad camera is used by default. Before taking a picture, go to the Main Tools toolbar > Options > Camera tab. Switch the camera from the ArcPad Camera to the Windows Mobile Camera.
  5. Go to the Drawing Tools toolbar and select a new point > click on the map to add a new point.
  6. Go to the Picture tab > Click on the camera icon > Take a new picture > Click OK.
  7. From this point forward both the ArcPad and the Windows Mobile cameras will produce proper pictures.

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