Passing parameters through the URL doesn't highlight the line feature in an ArcIMS 4.x HTML viewer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When passing parameters through the URL, the HTML viewer will zoom to the desired line feature but the feature doesn't highlight.

This issue has been fixed in ArcIMS 9, but viewers that were originally created in ArcIMS 4.x and moved to a ArcIMS 9 server will still have this problem.


The highlight AXL is added in addSelectToMap() function in aimsSelect.js and sets the AXL text based on the selectType variable.

Because the variable is undefined when called with the start up parameters, it defaults to the polygon case, which doesn't highlight the line feature.


Modify the aimsSelect.js file. This file is located in the website's javascript directory.

  1. Navigate to the current website, for example, C:\ArcIMS\Website\<Folder Name>\javascript.
  2. Open aimsSelect.js in a text editor.
  3. Find the following line:

    function addSelectToMap(){

  4. Add the following line just below it.

    selectType = LayerType[ActiveLayerIndex];

    The code should now look like this:

    function addSelectToMap(){

    selectType = LayerType[ActiveLayerIndex];

    var selString = "";

  5. Save the file and reload the browser.

    Clear the browser cache to ensure that the new aimSelect.js file is being used.

Article ID:000007889

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