Out of Memory" error on a Service Area Network Analysis

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

"Error: Out of Memory" appears on the Service Area of the Network Analyst extension.


Due to a lack of memory resources, the analysis is unable to complete. This is often the case for large network analysis tasks that are performed on large network datasets.

For analysis of Service Area problem sets, severe memory exhaustion can often result from the Service Area solver creating a traversal result that is too large to hold in memory. In Network Analyst Service, a memory leak occurs each time the service is requested to produce a map image or a legend graphic image.

The Network Analyst Service Area solver can be made to 'chunk' the processing behind the scenes to complete very large analysis tasks using only standard memory configurations.

Solution or Workaround

The source of the error condition has many potential causes. Therefore, to complete the Service Area calculation, it is recommend to break down and analyze the data in smaller areas.

Memory is allocated from a large pool of unused memory area called the heap (also called the free store). Since the precise location is not known in advance, the memory is accessed indirectly, usually via a pointer reference. The precision algorithm used to organize the memory area and allocate or de-allocate chunks is hidden behind an abstract interface and may not use a fixed method.

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