ORA-22813 operand value exceeds system limits

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error will occur when fetching large SDO_GEOMETRY (Oracle Spatial) objects that have been edited in a multi-versioned database:

ORA-22813 operand value exceeds system limits


This is due to a bug in the Oracle Database Server, where an object type containing a large number of values will fail when it is included in a SQL expression using an ORDER BY. This problem exists in Oracle 8i and 9i releases.

Testing in ArcGIS shows the above error occurs at around 3,000 coordinate pairs. This number will be lower when elevation (Z) and measure (M) values are present.

This problem occurs with SDO_GEOMETRY objects that have a large number of coordinate values and are included in a query using an ORDER BY. Such queries will be generated by:

¤ Multi-versioned database
¤ User composed queries that include an ORDER BY

Solution or Workaround

No patch is available from Oracle at this time. No workaround in ArcGIS is available. ESRI is working with Oracle to get this problem resolved in the Oracle Database Server.

This bug should not be an issue under these conditions:

· You are not using Oracle Spatial.

· You're using Oracle Spatial, but are not using the multi-versioned database (read only with ArcGIS).

· You're using Oracle Spatial with the multi-versioned database, but none of your SDO_GEOMETRY objects exceed 3,000 2D coordinates.

Article ID:000003946

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