Operation Failed: Initialization Error

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

When trying to Geocode, the following error message occurs:

Operation Failed: Initialization Error. Unable to initialize geocoding sub-system.


This message can occur under the following situations:

- The U.S. Address Finder CD is not in the CD drive.

- The Geocode Data Path has not been set.


- Make sure the U.S. Address Finder CD is in the CD drive and try again.

- Set the Geocode Data Path:

1. Place the U.S. Address Finder CD in the CD drive.
2. Navigate to File | Preferences and click on the Directories tab.
3. Set the Geocode Data Path to point to your CD drive.

If you are geocoding by ZIP, it is not necessary to have the U.S. Address Finder CD loaded. Set the Geocode Data Path to the GEOCODE folder in AtlasGIS. This folder contains files that are accessed when Geocoding by ZIP.

If there is still a problem with geocoding by ZIP, make sure the ZIPCODE column type is defined as a string. See the online help under Table | Define Column.

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