OP-ERR-0217: An unexpected type of parameter value was encountered

Last Published: April 26, 2020

Error Message

Invoking a Set prompt interaction on a map-enabled report sometimes returns the following error:

"OP-ERR-0217 An unexpected type of parameter value was encountered. The specified parameter type is 'String', but the expected type is 'memberUniqueName'."
[O-Image] Error message


This error occurs in map-enabled reports configured with a Set prompt interaction in Esri Maps Designer when the report contains data from a Power Cube (OLAP) data source. In Report Studio, to satisfy a filter expression in a query based on Power Cube (OLAP) data, the filter expression expects a memberUniqueName (MUN) value to be returned. However, when the Set prompt interaction is configured and invoked in Esri Maps for IBM Cognos, a string value for the item is passed instead of a MUN value so the filter expression can’t be satisfied.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, use the caption() function in Report Studio to create a string caption for the data item. This returns a string to satisfy the filter expression.

  1. In Report Studio, open the query with the filter expression.
  2. Update the expression to use the caption() function. For example, if the filter expression is <Country> = ?countryPrompt?, modify it as follows:
    caption(<Country>) = ?countryPrompt?

  3. Save and run the updated report.

    The Set prompt interaction works as expected.
  4. Open and save the report in Esri Maps Designer.

Article ID:000012560

  • ArcGIS Maps for IBM Cognos 5 0
  • ArcGIS Maps for IBM Cognos 6 0

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